About Us

first-member-ship-cardHere is a little bit about how the club began…

The association began when three men met to discuss forming a club where people interested in vintage tractors, engines and machinery in fact anything old could get together. Billy Cranston , Alan Dagg, and Alistair McKenzie had been to the steam gathering in Kendal in September ’76, they were keen to hold a similar event in the borders. One December evening in 1976 they put there scheme into action, they advertised a meeting and invited anyone who maybe interested to come along. Around twenty people arrived and it was decided to go ahead with putting a club together.

The first major event for the members was the rally to take place in the May of ’77 at Newtown St Boswells. A lot of organising was required to pull of the event and make it a success as it had to be sold to the people of the Borders as some thing new and exciting. As this rally proved to be a success it was decided that this would become an annual event.

Today the club has around 250 members and welcoming new members every year, we are still enjoying the annual rally which now takes place in Kelso and is growing in size year on year. There are also other events taking place through out the year, details of which can be found on the events page.